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It’s been a long, exhilarating and sometimes stressful journey, but you did it! Congratulations, you’re married! You’ve managed to plan and execute the most fabulous celebration for your family and friends. You’re now ready and excited to embark upon your new life together. Clean up and returning rental items are likely not at the forefront of your mind after a long and incredible day.

If, after the celebrations, tearing down décor and returning rental items is something that you and your family would rather not worry about, the Naturally Chic team can handle them for you. We’ll quickly and efficiently take down décor, box leftover favors, return linens and take care of any other miscellaneous task that need to be done. We’ll ensure that the venue is left as it was found and that everything is labeled and returned to the appropriate places. You can worry about enjoying your morning after brunch and your honeymoon!

Kindly note, this service is available only for couple’s whose wedding is coordinated by Naturally Chic. Prior to your big day, please contact us for more information on rates.


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