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A wedding is a unique opportunity to showcase your personality, style and values to your family and friends. We think that the best weddings are one in which the couple has really thought about who they are, what they value and what statement they want their wedding to make. Great weddings are the ones that infuse the couple’s personality and values throughout the entire wedding, transforming the event into a truly memorable occasion.

More and more couples are considering the impact that their wedding will have on the environment and want to take steps to minimize the impact. Eco-conscious couples are incorporating green elements into their wedding to make the event more sustainable. This is the essence of a “green” or eco-friendly wedding. But just because you want to minimize the impact of your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you want a Spartan affair. Green weddings are all about making sustainable choices, but you don’t have to sacrifice style!

Going green doesn’t have to mean it’s all or nothing. Green is beautiful and an eco-friendly wedding can be “eco-chic”. Whether you only want to incorporate green elements into your décor, or whether you want to go all out and have a carbon neutral event, every green choice makes a difference! The idea is to make choices that are not only good for the planet, but are right for you as a couple.

Naturally Chic would love to help you with all aspects of your eco-friendly planning. We can help you create and execute a stylish, sustainable, eco-chic affair by providing you with a wealth of resources and ideas. From sourcing eco-conscious vendors, to natural décor suggestions, to helping you calculate and offset your wedding’s ecological footprint we can help you with a wedding celebration that is not only unique and personal, but truly meaningful as well. We believe that small changes can impart a big difference and every green choice that you make, large or small, is of value.

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