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Weddings make for very long days filled with excitement and activities especially for the bride and groom. What could be more welcoming at the end of their special day than to enter a hotel room that has been transformed into a relaxing and romantic haven just for two? The Naturally Chic team will work with you to design a concept that’s perfectly suited to the couple. That may mean champagne and chocolates, complete with rose petals, soft lighting and romantic music. Perhaps the couple doesn’t like champagne and chocolates. How about leaving a personalized, wood keepsake box full of their favorite treats for them to enjoy? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to leave a big impact! Whatever their preference, we have lots of ideas on how we can help you create a wonderful surprise for the happy couple.

Whether you are the best man, maid of honor, mother of the bride or the groom himself contact us today and we can begin brainstorming the surprise together!






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