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The proposal…well guys, this one’s all yours to plan and implement. And let’s face it proposing can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to consider whether or not she’s going to say yes, but there are so many expectations when it comes to proposals. And you know that the story of how you proposed to her will be told over and over again. Was it romantic, unforgettable, did he get down on one knee? Stressful? Yep! Don’t worry, with Naturally Chic Proposal Services, we’re here to help you out with ideas, advice, etiquette and if you so desire, assistance with executing the entire moment.

There’s many ways to propose and you will likely know what’s best for your future fiancé. Whether she would love an intimate picnic proposal or an exciting mountain proposal, we’ll help find the solution that’s right for the two of you. We’ll help with ideas, creative brainstorming, planning and implementing your vision so that everything runs according to plan.

In order to assist you in pulling off the most memorable proposal possible, we take the time to really get to know you and learn about your future bride. Using our creative planning and logistical expertise, we can help you create a customized proposal just for you! Need an intimate outdoor setting as your backdrop, hotel reservations or even a helicopter? We’ll take care of every detail, large or small. We’ll even take care of all the romantic details such as champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, room décor and so much more!

And how will you pull off the proposal of a lifetime without her suspecting anything? With our help of course! Secrecy is an important factor in pulling off a surprise proposal. Well-meaning family members or friends can inadvertently slip up and alert your future fiancé of your intentions and the proposal just won’t be quite the same. Don’t risk it, commiserate with us instead and rest assured that your proposal will be a secret until the last moment. Confidentiality is guaranteed and only those that need to know will know. Even beyond the actual proposal we respect your privacy. If you don’t want anyone to know we helped you out, they won’t. We can be discreet!

Proposing is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t be afraid to get creative. For limitless ideas, call us at 1.888.679.9056 or email us at for your complimentary consultation today. We can’t wait to assist you with your big moment!

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