What is a Micro Wedding / FAQ’s

Micro Weddings

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are small, intimate weddings with usually less than 24 guests. Micro weddings are generally shorter in duration than traditional elopements (usually just the couple and their witnesses). Micro weddings consist of a ceremony, and then either a standing cocktail reception (with drinks and/or appetizers) or a small traditional dinner reception.

What else are micro weddings called?

Tiny wedding, intimate wedding, and small wedding (sometimes elopement). However, true micro weddings tend to have a shorter timeline than traditional weddings regardless of the size.

What is the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement?

A true elopement does not have any guests aside from witnesses (in Canada, two witnesses are required for all wedding ceremonies), and occasionally up to 8 guests. A micro wedding usually consists of a small number of guests as well, but typically micro weddings will have some elements of a larger wedding such as a cocktail and/or dinner reception. If you are having a micro wedding (ceremony only) with 8+ guests this is sometimes referred to as a “minimony”.

Won’t my guests expect a meal?

Micro weddings usually include a celebratory drink and/or food following the ceremony. A sit-down dinner is sometimes included for a micro wedding, however, cocktail receptions are becoming more popular. If you are having cocktails as opposed to one celebratory drink, it is customary to have some form of food.

Won’t my guests get hungry without a plated dinner?

It depends on what is expected. If you are wanting to replace a sit-down dinner with a cocktail reception, you can ask your caterer for a more substantial menu (8-10 appetizers per person) so your guests won’t be hungry. Most of the caterers we work with will create amazingly satisfying menus! If you are wanting a more traditional cocktail hour (with 3-4 appetizers per person), you may want to let guests know that your cocktail hour will include “light refreshments”, or communicate with your guests that they will be on their own for dinner.

What if I don’t want a cocktail reception or a formal reception for my micro wedding?

There are no rules! Micro weddings are less formal than traditional weddings and anything goes! The Knot first referred to a micro wedding (without a dinner reception) as a “minimony”! You could have a ceremony and maybe a celebratory drink? If you prefer, you can have a ceremony and then make dinner reservations for you and your guests (or, immediate families) at a local restaurant afterward.

Do micro weddings include a wedding planner?

Yes. However, typically micro weddings only include a few hours of wedding planning in the package (3-8 hours). Micro weddings are more simple by nature. We keep the costs down by working with our preferred vendors and we arrange these bookings for you. We provide resources on obtaining your marriage license, and we will assist with any outdoor permits you might need, as well as give location suggestions, etc. If you require extra services or full-planning services, let us know and we will see if we can accommodate.

Can I bring my own photographer (or other wedding vendor)?

Absolutely! We do usually prefer to have worked with your wedding vendors before so that we know what to expect, but if you’ve already booked someone, just let us know. We won’t include the cost of the vendor in your wedding package!

Is wedding design included in the micro wedding packages?

Yes, this is what we do! We will design your reception table based on your likes and interests (you’ll fill out a detailed design questionnaire). We find we can get things done quickly this way and keep your costs down by handling most of the decor ourselves, but you will have a chance to approve the final design or budget. If you would like a package with more input into the design, let us know!

Can I have my micro wedding outside or do I need a wedding venue?

You can definitely have your wedding outside! Wedding venues are not mandatory! In Banff National Park you can have up to 24 guests for an outdoor ceremony. However, a permit is required, and chairs are not permitted.

What if I want to have most of the traditional elements of a wedding (e.g. cake cutting, speeches, etc.)?

Just because your wedding is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t have it all! If you want to have cake, flowers, decor, a first dance, etc. Go ahead! It’s your day. Just keep in mind that some wedding venues restrict your usage of the space to 2 to 4 hours for micro weddings. Having a shorter timeline may also mean lower costs for you from a vendor standpoint.

How much do micro weddings cost?

Typically, the cost depends on several factors, how many guests you have, whether you have dinner or not, decor, cake, etc. However, the costs are generally much lower than a traditional wedding. Your budget will go much further if you only have a handful of guests!

Do you have more questions?

Get in touch! We love micro weddings are here to assist you with your intimate wedding in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper, and anywhere in the Canadian Rockies! Check out our Micro Wedding services!

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